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Master Thesis - English translation Linguee
the Fictional Narratives of Cynthia Ozick, Philip Roth, and Nathan Englander. Post Title IX Representations of Professional Female Athletes, Emily Shaw, theses/Dissertations from, pDF. Presented: Summer 2019 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen) 2018, alzubaidi, Noor, saudi Mothers' Attitudes Towards Their Children's Bilingual Language Practice in the. Immigration Legislation and Political Cartoons, Olivia Teague Morgan Theses/Dissertations from PDF "I Am a Living Enigma - And You Want To Know the Right Reading of Me Gender Anxiety in Wilkie Collins's The Haunted Hotel and The Guilty River, Hannah Allford Theses/Dissertations. Presented: Spring 2020 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen). Bleymaier PDF Mexican Immigrants as "Other An Interdisciplinary Analysis.S. Haec fortis sequitur illam indocti possident: A linguistic analysis of demonstratives in genres of early Latin fragments, Erica. Presented: Spring 2020 (Chair: Aya Matsuda) 2019, almatard, Abdulmajeed, developing an Evaluation Checklist to Identity in esol Textbooks.

Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Robert Bjork). Patchin, Colleen, exercise Design and Vocabulary Learning in Tutorial Call: The Effects of Image Features and Combinations on Attention to Written Forms. Presented: Summer 2019 (Chair: Bryan Smith). Meszaros, pDF Tricking for change: Establishing the literary trickster in the western tradition, Christopher Michael Stuart PDF Because, x: A new construction of because in popular culture, Stephanie Walla Theses/Dissertations from PDF The nature of a-movement in Arabic raising and. Of Ba ch elor 's and, master's deg ree pro gr ammes.

Winemiller, Carolena, the L2 Classroom as a Crossroads: Merging Creative Pedagogy and Second Language Instruction. Presented: Fall 2019 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen). Implementing Critical Analysis in the Classroom to Negate Southern Stereotypes in Multi-Media, Julie Broyhill, pDF, fan Fiction in the English Language Arts Classroom, Kristen Finucan, pDF. Players in a storm: Climate and political migrants in The Tempest and Othello, Darcie Rees, pDF, reclaiming racial/ethnic identity. More events organised by the FH Council over the past few years dealt with important topics regarding the development of the FH sector: Workshop for foreign student advisors at Fachhochschulen and/or FH degree programmes, September 2000; Training seminars in connection. Welsch, and Flavia de Luce as disrupters of space, language, and the male gaze, Kelsey McLendon, pDF. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Joni Adamson).

The Storytellers Trauma: A Place to Call Home in Caribbean Literature, Ilari Pass, pDF. Presented: Spring 2018 (Chair: Karen Adams) Powell, John Instructors' Views Towards the Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Subjunctive Presented: Spring 2018 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen) Romero Pino, Blanca Doralzuelan: An Emerging Identity of the Venezuelan Immigrant in the Southern Forida. Not as She is but as She is Expected to Be: Representations, Limitations, and Implications of the Woman and Womanhood in Selected Victorian Literature and Contemporary Chick Lit., Amanda Ellen Bridgers, pDF. April 2002 (in collaboration with the project Q of the German Rectors' Conference training in MTS (Medical Technical Services) and midwifery in the FH sector, June 2005; Formal, content-related and organisational aspects of application structure and development of degree programmes, July und November 2006. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Aya Matsuda).

Theses/Dissertations from PDF "That's a Lotta Faith We're Putting in a Word Language, Religion, and Heteroglossia as Oppression and Resistance in Comtemporary British Dystopian Fiction, Haley Cassandra Gambrell Theses/Dissertations from PDF Mirroring the Madness: Caribbean Female Development in the. Lundwall, Rachel, a Selection of Sacred Hymns: Singing Women into Citizenship in Zion. Follow index, jump to:, theses/Dissertations from, pDF. Body image/imagining bodies: Trauma, control, and healing in graphic memoirs about anorexia, Kristine. Assurance in the course of the introduction. Student and Teacher Perceptions of Multiliterate Assignments Utilizing 21st Century Skills, Jessica Kennedy Miller, pDF.

Cannibalism in contact narratives and the evolution of the wendigo, Michelle Lietz, pDF. The Intrinsic Factors that Influence Successful College Writing, Kenneth Dean Carlstrom, pDF "Where nature was most plain and pure The Sacred Locus Amoenus and its Profane Threat in Andrew Marvell's Pastoral Poetry, James Brent King. Illustrating adolescent awareness: Teaching historical injustices and promoting agency through picture books in secondary classrooms, Melissa Hoak, pDF. Reconstructing Asian American masculinity in Gene Luen Yangs American Born Chinese, Hyun-Joo Yoo, theses/Dissertations from. The Effects of Social Media as Low-Stakes Writing Tasks, Roxanne Loving, pDF.

Presented: Spring 2020 (Chair: Brian Goodman). 2020, baumann, Natalie, necro-rhetoical Constructions of the Migrant: An Image of Death on the Border. Theses/Dissertations from, pDF, what is the negro woman's story?: Negro Story Magazine and the dialogue of feminist voices, Maureen Convery, pDF. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Keith Miller). PDF, the organization of turn-taking in fieldwork settings: A case study, Amy Brunett, pDF, exploring the political impact of literature and literary studies in American government, Taylor Dereadt, pDF "We met in a bar by happenstance Master narratives in couples stories, Brent. Presented: Spring 2019 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen). Phonemic inventory of the Shor language, Uliana Kazagasheva, pDF. The Nature, Function, and Value of Emojis as Contemporary Tools of Digital Interpersonal Communication, Nicole. How Nine Page Chapter Ernest Gaines' 'A Lesson Before Dying Connected the Lines Between Life, Death, and Everything in Between.

Transferring the Mantle: The Voice of the Poet Prophet in the Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Emily Dickinson, Heidi Brown Hyde, pDF. Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Elly van Gelderen) Nunn, Theda Discourse Markers as Predictors of Success for the toefl Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair: Claire Renaud) Turney, Brittany The Gyant's Giant Meaning:  An Application of Monster Theory to Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Fear and (non) fiction: Agrarian anxiety in The Colour Out of Space, Antonio Barroso, pDF, sculpted from clay, shaped by power: Feminine narrative and agency in Wonder Woman, Mikala Carpenter, pDF. Gladstone, Chenay, determing the Veracity of 911 Homicide Calls in the Metro Phoenix Area Using cops Scale and Concordance. Rincon, Samantha, a Lesson Before Dying or A Lesson Before Living? Kellogg, Jackson, a Rhythmic Analysis of Scottish Gaelic Using Durational Metrics.

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