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The boys face was bloody.) Although the story ends at this point, you can figure out that by this act Parvez and Ali have lost each other forever. They are also forbidden to eat pork because Muslims think it contributes to the lack of morality and shame because in their opinion it increases the greed for wealth to eat pigs.3.3. He had a first great success with his second play, The mother Country, for which he received the Thomas Television Playwright Award in 1980. Of course Parvez notices that his sons behaviour has changed, he notices for example his sons computer disks, videotapes, new books and fashionable clothes beside the dustbin (p.147.11-15) and that Ali throws out his possessions like his. Another point was that many immigrants had done unskilled jobs so that they were abandoned to do more profitable jobs which demand know-how. Zudem gilt es weiterhin, Studierende wie Lehrende, die einer Risikogruppe angehren, zu schtzen und auch mit Blick auf Anfahrtswege - das Infektionsrisiko fr uns alle so gering wie mglich zu halten. And even when he knows that he gets drunk he cannot stop himself from drinking (p.156.12-13).

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Most of the immigrants became unemployed which increased racial conflicts. To communicate with Allah and so to get a closer relationship with him Muslims have to pray five times a day. Text Kureishi, Hanif My Son the Fanatic in: Many Voices Many Cultures, Multicultural Brirish Short Stories, Philipp Reclam, Stuttgart 1997 Publisher: Barbara Korte und Claudia Sternberg,.147-165.2 Secondary Literature. He does not know how to please his son in order to become brothers again. So Parvez decides to go out with his son to talk with Ali about these things. Wir haben alle Infos zum Medienstudium fr dich zusammengestellt und geben dir. My Beautiful Launderette for example, written in 1985, won several awards.4.

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So Parvez decides to go out with his son (p.154.14- 15) because he desires more than anything (p.154.17-18) to know why his sons behaviour has changed (p.154.17-19). Especially when they are together in the restaurant the religious aspect why they do not understand each other becomes clear. Because Parvez now is very angry about his son he begins to drink when they arrive at home so that he finally goes into his sons room to hit his son who neither covers himself nor retaliates. Islam teaches the Muslims to live in peace with oneself, with other people and with the environment; nevertheless the doors of forgiveness are always open for those who repent sincerely. Where has he gone?). The boy didnt even offer him his hand. Medienkulturwissenschaft erforscht die medialen Bedingungen von Kultur in systematischer und historischer Hinsicht, wobei neben Massen- und Kommunikationsmedien etwa auch Verkehrsmittel, Architekturen oder Krpertechniken untersucht werden. Of course this behaviour results from Alis religion and there is a rule he has to stick to called Zakat ( explained on page 3-4: Aspects of Islam and also when Ali is growing a beard (p.152. On the other hand I have learned something about Britains history, about Islam and about the author Hanif Kureishi, which was also very interesting. Because of different cultures, religions and languages immigrants had problems in identifying with other immigrants and to integrate in the existing community.

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That he has a very close relationship to Islam becomes clear.158.5-7: The law of Islam would rule the world, the skin of the infidel world would burn off again and again: the Jews and Christers. Alle alle StudiengngeAnimationAudio MedienFilm und DesignGame DesignInteraktive Relations / Alle du mchtest studieren? Main characterization of Parvez. Parvez for example says: Was it asking to much for Ali to get a good job, marry the right girl, and start a family (p.149.15-16) or While I am here on earth I want to make the best. Ali wants to give up his studies in accounting (p.160.1-2) and he is going to work in prison with poor Muslims (p.160.10-11). Die Berufsmglichkeiten nach dem Studium sind genauso vielfltig wie das Studium selbst. Ali does not accept his fathers way of life (p.158.18-19: the boy urged him to mend his ways) because he does not stick to the Koran (p.156.9-10: Each time Parvez took a drink, the boy winced. But although Parvez observes his son very strictly he cannot find any kind of hint about his sons addiction.

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Hochschulen finden, bei all den unterschiedlichen Studiengngen im Medienbereich verliert man leicht den berblick. Analysis and interpretation of the short story.1. And I want you to as well (p.162.13-14). His decision to become a writer was already made at a young age at which he began writing novels that were intended for publication. Or while Parvez thinks that they have to fit in in England (p.157.13 Ali thinks that Parvez is too implicated in Western civilisation (p.157.18-19).

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An example for this.148.17-18: he went more often to the whisky bottle, even when he was at work. Parvez and his family could be some of these immigrants who hoped to find work and better living conditions in Britain. The main source of Islamic practices result from the Koran which is understood by the Muslims as the words of god. Deswegen haben wir dir alle Medien-Studiengnge aufgelistet und stellen sie dir ausfhrlich vor. In addiction, I think it is not only the religious aspect which makes Parvez and Ali understand each other so badly. Mindest-CP bei der Bewerbung: 132 CP, erforderliche Sprachkenntnisse (Niveau Deutsch (C1). Medien Studiengnge, du interessierst dich fr ein duales Studium im Bereich Medien? To escape from moral corruption, Muslims are strictly forbidden to take drugs or to drink alcohol. So Parvez even cries (p.158.18: Parvez eyes filled with tears) and tries everything to please his son so that they will be brothers again (p.159.24-25: Parvez told Bettina he was willing to pray, if that was what the boy wanted).

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Drei grundstndige.A.-Studiengnge und fnf weiterfhrende Master-Programme vermitteln eine fachspezifische wissenschaftliche Ausbildung, ergnzt durch interdisziplinre Lerninhalte aus den Gegenstandsbereichen der Nachbardisziplinen. When he is told by his son that he is breaking the rules of the Koran (p.157.1-2 Parvez only shrugs (p. Wir stellen dir Berufe vor und geben Tipps zum Gehalt. Wir informieren dich hier umfassend ber die verschiedenen Modelle, die passenden Hochschulen und das Gehalt im dualen Studium. Summary, the short story My son the Fanatic, by Hanif Kureishi is about problems between Parvez, who is a Pakistani immigrant in England and his son Ali. It is obvious in the story that the relationship between Parvez and Ali is bad and that they do not understand each other. Furthermore he parts from his English girlfriend (p.147.15-16) and throws his possessions out (p.148.12-13).

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The Zakat, which means to donate some of your riches for those in need. So he prays five times a day (p.153.20) and goes to the mosque (p.163.26). He works long hours for Ali (p.148.8-9) and yearns for the time when they were brothers (p.150.3-4: We were not father and son - we were brothers! Ftmk, das ftmk vereint die Fcher Theaterwissenschaft, Medienkulturwissenschaft und Kulturanthropologie/Volkskunde in einem gemeinsamen Institut. So the first result of this claim was the achievement of the dominion status by many colonies about 1900, which declared them to be a free nation. He has givin up sports (p.152.11-12 is getting tidier (p.147.6) and is outgrowing his teenage attitudes (p.147.10-11).

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