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Augustus, Res Gestae - Livius
voorbeeld uit de 17e eeuw is de berijmde autobiografie van. Doch heute blickt Stone anders auf den Filmklassiker zurck, genauer: auf die mittlerweile legendre Vernehmungsszene. 22 Three times in my own name I gave a show of gladiators, and five times in the name of my sons or grandsons; in these shows there fought about ten thousand men. I gave four hundred sesterces apiece from the spoils of war;noteI. These standards I deposited in the inner shrine which is in the Temple of Mars Ultor. I declined to be made pontifex maximus in succession to a colleague still living, when the people tendered me that priesthood which my father had held.

Die Kinderrztin Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport (1912-2017 eindrucksvoll verkrpert von Nina Kunzendorf, wurde dadurch einem Millionenpublikum bekannt. Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome, has survived as an inscription in the Temple of Roma and Augustus in modern Ankara (ancient Ancyra which is currently in use as a mosque. I contributed one hundred and seventy million sesterces out of my own patrimony to the military treasury, which was established on my advice that from it gratuities might be paid to soldiers who had seen twenty or more years of service. The Res Gestae Divi Augusti the achievements of the deified Augustus are the official autobiography. 7 For ten years in succession I was one of the triumvirs for the re-establishment of the constitution. The foreign nations which could with safety be pardoned I preferred to save rather than to destroy.

6 In the consulship of Marcus Vinicius and Quintus Lucretius, note19 BCE. After that time I took precedence of all in rank, but of power I possessed no more than those who were my colleagues in any magistracy. Inkele oanteikene dingen t de jonge tiid oan 1925 ) Frans Houben - Nr 21 Autobiografische boeken over een deel van het leven van de schrijver Andere landen bewerken brontekst bewerken Men schat dat in Nederland circa een miljoen. Fragment uit het manuscript "Gedenkschriften over Napoleon 's veldtochten, meegemaakt als soldaat bij het 2e regiment carabiniers te paard". "Ja, es gibt viele Standpunkte zu diesem Thema, aber da ich diejenige mit der fraglichen Vagina bin, mchte ich sagen: Die anderen Standpunkte sind bull erklrt Stone in ihrem Buch. And in my own name in my fifth consulshipnote29 BCE.

It is best summarized in the full title: "the achievements of the deified Augustus by which he placed the whole world under the sovereignty of the Roman people, and of the amounts which he expended upon the state and the Roman people". Silver statues of me, on foot, on horseback, and in chariots were erected in the city to the number of about eighty; these I myself removed, and from the money thus obtained I placed in the temple. And afterwards in that of Publius and Gnaeus Lentulus, note18 BCE. Ethiopia was penetrated as far as the town of Napata, which is next to Mero. Beck, 22 Euro) erzhlt Nora Eckert ihre interessante Lebensgeschichte (Foto:.H. Een autobiografie grieks : zelf, leven, schrijven ) is de beschrijving die iemand geeft van zijn eigen levensloop. 24 After my victorynoteAt Actium.

Ook in de Middeleeuwen schreven auteurs autobiografische werken, zoals. Confessiones (Belijdenissen) van, aurelius Augustinus. Daraus entstand dieses Buch: "Meine ersten drei Leben", das im selben Jahr erschien, lange vergriffen war und jetzt - erweitert um ein Vorwort ihres Enkels Daniel. Who was sprung from the royal family of the Armenians. Vor den Augen des Lesers entfaltet sich ein ungewhnliches, dreifachesltiges Leben: Als sogenannte "Halbjdin" 1938 aus Deutschland vertrieben, als Kommunistin whrend der McCarthy-ra in den USA verfolgt, als bahnbrechende rztin und Gelehrte in der DDR etabliert, kann sie ber ihren Lebensbericht die Geschichte des. Die Produzenten htten ihr damals gesagt, man wrde nicht sehen, dass sie keine Unterwsche trage. Auch zu Hause waren weibliche Karnevalskostme und Puppen keine Aufregung: Meine Mutter hat mich nie in die Rolle des Jungen gedrngt.

Opernkritikerin, Publizistin  und endlich auch rechtlich als Transfrau anerkannt. Sinds de jaren vijftig van de 20e eeuw spreekt men in dit kader van egodocumenten. Dass Zuschauer berall auf der Welt ihre Vagina sehen konnten, sei ihr erst beim finalen Produkt aufgefallen. Three times I revised the roll of the Senate. The Alps, from the region which lies nearest to the Adriatic as far as the Tuscan Sea, I brought to a state of peace without waging on any tribe an unjust war. Kelly an und sie verstand. De schrijver van een autobiografie kan gebruikmaken van een ghostwriter die het boek een betere vorm geeft. Bei der Beerdigung habe sie sogar in den Sarg geguckt, um sich zu vergewissern, dass er wirklich tot ist.

Jahrhunderts ein gutes Stck mit erzhlen. The grove of the Caesars beyond the Tiber. In my triumphs there were led before my chariot nine kings or children of kings. In addition the entire body of citizens with one accord, both individually and by municipalities, performed continued sacrifices for my health at all the couches of the gods. 5 The dictatorship offered me by the people and the Roman Senate, in my absence and later when present, in the consulship of Marcus Marcellus and Lucius Arruntiusnote22 BCE. The sum which I paid for estates in Italy was about six hundred million sesterces, and the amount which I paid for lands in the provinces was about two hundred and sixty million. Den Namen Nora hat brigens ihre Mutter fr sie gewhlt. Und die Kassiererin antwortet statt befrchteter Verwunderung mit Berliner Herzlichkeit: Ja, so isses. Four times I gave games in my own name; as representing other magistrates twenty-three times.

Eines der schockierendsten spielte sich in ihrer Kindheit. In my own name, or that of my sons or grandsons, on twenty-six occasions I gave to the people, in the circus, in the forum, or in the amphitheatre, hunts of African wild beasts, in which about three thousand five hundred beasts were slain. 33 From me the peoples of the Parthians and of the Medes received the kings for whom they asked through ambassadors, the chief men of those peoples; the Parthians Vonones, son of King Phraates, grandson of King Orodes; the Medes Ariobarzanes. In my thirteenth consulshipnote2 BCE. 19 I built the Curia and the Chalcidicum adjoining it, the temple of Apollo on the Palatine with its porticoes, the temple of the deified Julius, the Lupercal, the portico at the Circus Flaminius which I allowed.

On ground purchased for the most part from private owners I built the theater near the temple of Apollo which was to bear the name of my son-inlaw Marcus Marcellus. 27 Egypt I added to the empire of the Roman te30 BCE. On my order and under my auspices two armies were led, at almost the same time, into Ethiopia and into Arabia which is called the " Happy and very large forces of the enemy of both races. To the day of writing this I have been princeps senatus for forty years. Our friendship was sought, through ambassadors, by the Bastarnae and Scythians, and by the kings of the Sarmatians who live on either side of the river Tanais, and by the king of the Albani and of the Hiberi and of the Medes. Ganz im Gegenteil, nach dem Outing von Nora stellte ihre Mutter sich ein Foto der Tochter am U-Bahnhof Kurfrstendamm auf den Nachttisch. As consul for the twelfth time, note29 BCE. I performed the lustrum after an interval of forty-one years. I have been pontifex maximus, augur, a member of the fifteen commissioners for performing sacred rites, one of the seven for sacred feasts, an arval brother, a sodalis Titius, a fetial priest. 28 I settled colonies of soldiers in Africa, Sicily, Macedonia, both Spains, Achaea, Asia, Syria, Gallia Narbonensis, Pisidia.

The expenditures provided for theatrical shows, gladiatorial sports, for exhibitions of athletes, for hunts of wild beasts, and the naval combat, and his gifts to colonies in Italy, to cities in the provinces which had been destroyed by earthquake. About thirty thousand slaves, captured in that war, who had run away from their masters and had taken up arms against the republic, I delivered to their masters for punishment. Spter wurde Eckert.a. Sie und ihre Schwester Kelly seien von ihrer Gromutter stundenlang in ein Zimmer gesperrt worden. I gave it over to King Ariobarzanes the son of Artabazus, King of the Medes, to rule, and after his death to his son teArtavasdes III;. I did not decline at a time of the greatest scarcity of grain the charge of the grain-supply, which I so administered that, within a few days, I freed the entire people, at my own expense, from the fear and danger in which they were. In these fleets there fought about three thousand men exclusive of the rowers. "Ich stupste ihn an, und die bizarre Befriedigung, dass er endlich tot war, traf mich wie eine Tonne Eis.

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