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Bird by Bird : Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne

Decisions on Wikipedia are primarily made by consensus, which is accepted as the best method to achieve Wikipedia's goals,.e., the five pillars. Where multiple issues do exist, then the raising of the individual issues on the correct pages may be reasonable, but in that case it is normally best to give links to show where else you have raised the question. Maybe those will be all you need to finally take that step away from the nest and let your creativity take flight. Levels of consensus See also: The Arbitration Committee 's statement of principles on levels of consensus Consensus among a limited group of editors, at one place and time, cannot override community consensus on a wider scale. In this way, the encyclopedia is gradually added to and improved over time. I may have incorporated a bit of this book way back when but now was definitely a propitious time for a refresher. John Morgan, "Der Mann, den sie Pferd nannten ein britischer Aristokrat, der sich den Indianern angeschlossen hat und fr ihre Rechte kmpft, bemht sich, die Gegner zur Besonnenheit aufzurufen. That impulse found its way into letters, and, for disparate periods, journaling. I have had occasion to write a bit of this and that in my working life, but my employers have all been consistent in finding no use at all for what writing ability I may possess. They may block editors for behaviors that interfere with the consensus process (such as edit-warring, abuse of multiple accounts, or a lack of civility ).

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You can read a great book and not appreciate it because of where you might be in your life, but connect with it totally if you catch it at the right time. All of us can sing the same song, and there will still be four billion different renditions. No consensus Discussions sometimes result in no consensus to take or not take an action. In most cases, the first thing to try is an edit to the page, and sometimes making such an edit will resolve a dispute. Your writing may or may not soar, but Lamotts excellent tutorial will certainly add a few feathers to your wings. This policy describes how consensus is understood on Wikipedia, how to determine whether it has been achieved (and how to proceed if it has not and describes exceptions to the principle that all decisions are made by consensus. I will be getting to Kings book in time. After one changes a page, others who read it can choose whether or not to further edit.

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The book is eminently"ble. Sometimes merely asking for an administrator's attention on a talk page will suffice; as a rule, sysops have large numbers of pages watchlisted, and there is a likelihood that someone will see it and respond. Raising essentially the same issue on multiple noticeboards and talk pages, or to multiple administrators or reviewers, or any one of these repetitively, is unhelpful to finding and achieving consensus. Lamott is echoing in print the writing class she teaches. Although this does ignore the obvious, that in making that trip one already is aware of the destination, and the route, still, it gives me hope. WP:BLP exceptions) and for reversions of vandalism. Decision making and reaching consensus involve an effort to incorporate all editors' legitimate concerns, while respecting Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. The quality of articles with combative editors is, as a rule, far lower than that of articles where editors take a longer view. However, there are established resources for working with intransigent editors, as follows: Noticeboards As noted previously, policy pages generally have noticeboards, and many administrators watch them. Canvassing, sock puppetry, and meat puppetry.

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(This is also known as "asking the other parent".) Queries placed on noticeboards and talk pages should be phrased as neutrally as possible, in order to get uninvolved and neutral additional opinions. Nach einem mrderischen Show-Down gelingt es, die Goldsucher zu vertreiben. If you harbor no aspirations to writing, Bird by Bird offers a warm, illuminating and entertaining look at some of the things writers go through, provides some insight into the process of writing, and some of the challenges writers confront. But it is possible. One concern I have is that whatever I write, as seems to be the case for every idea I have ever had, has already been done, probably multiple times, and probably better. But what you have to offer is your own sensibility, maybe your own sense of humor or insider pathos or meaning. Writing did get easier, but was never less than challenging. I expect there are times when certain books and certain readers converge.

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Using an alternative persona sock puppet or "sock to influence consensus is absolutely forbidden. Consensus-building Further information: Wikipedia:Dispute resolution Editors who maintain a neutral, detached, and civil attitude can usually reach consensus on an article through the process described above. While it is fine even encouragedto invite people into a discussion to obtain new insights and arguments, it is not acceptable to invite only people favorable to a particular point of view, or to invite people. Accordingly, editors often propose substantive changes on the talk page first to permit discussion before implementing the change. When an edit is made, other editors may either accept it, change it, or revert.

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Village pump Neutrally worded notification of a dispute here also may bring in additional editors who may help. WP:Conflict of interest, Help:Edit conflict, WikiConvention/Conference or, wP:WikiProject Containers. Review first posted 2/6/15, publication date 1994, extra stuff. That said, in most cases, an editor who knows a proposed change will modify a matter resolved by past discussion should propose that change by discussion. Determining consensus See also: Wikipedia:Closing discussions Consensus is ascertained by the quality of the arguments given on the various sides of an issue, as viewed through the lens of Wikipedia policy. Often, a simple rewording will satisfy all editors' concerns.

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What follows are suggestions for resolving intractable disputes, along with descriptions of several formal and informal processes that may help. In disputes over external links, disputed links are removed unless and until there is a consensus to include them. Do not use either except at need. Any edit that is not disputed or reverted by another editor can be assumed to have consensus. "WP:CON" redirects here; you may be looking for. So here we are. Editors who refuse to allow any consensus except the one they insist on, and who filibuster indefinitely to attain that goal, risk damaging the consensus process. are in a separate domain. Administrative or community intervention In some cases, disputes are personal or ideological rather than mere disagreements about content, and these may require the intervention of administrators or the community as a whole. Here editors try to persuade others, using reasons based in policy, sources, and common sense; they can also suggest alternative solutions or compromises that may satisfy all concerns.

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They are high-volume noticeboards and should be used sparingly. I may not be able to tamp down the emotional/psychological impediments, but I can try to address the ignorance piece. However, for contentious matters related to living people, a lack of consensus often results in the removal of the contentious matter, regardless of whether the proposal was to add, modify, or remove. A consensus decision takes into account all of the proper concerns raised. Teil 1 und, teil 2 zeigen. Editors who revert a change proposed by an edit should generally avoid terse explanations (such as "against consensus which provide little guidance to the proposing editor (or, if you do use such terse explanations, it is helpful. When editors do not reach agreement by editing, discussion on the associated talk pages continues the process toward consensus. Some matters that may seem subject to the consensus of the community at the English-language Wikipedia (en. Editors should listen, respond, and cooperate to build a better article. Seek a compromise means "attempt to find a generally acceptable solution either through continued editing or through discussion.

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Redwing und Koda triumphieren. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. The main resources for this are as follows: Third opinion (3O) A neutral third party will give non-binding advice on the dispute. The goal of a consensus-building discussion is to resolve disputes in a way that reflects Wikipedia's goals and policies while angering as few contributors as possible. In particular, the community of MediaWiki software developers, including both paid Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers, and the sister wikis, are largely separate entities.

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If, however, you are a writer, aspire to be a writer, or indulge in analysis of writing, Bird by Bird will feel like a kindly mentor, an older, wiser sibling maybe, who can take you by the. When editors have a particularly difficult time reaching a consensus, several processes are available for consensus-building ( third opinions, dispute resolution noticeboard, requests for comment and even more extreme processes that will take authoritative steps to end the dispute ( administrator intervention, arbitration ). It is not horrifying. My Christmas list for 2014 included Stephen Kings. Script ( fam ). My ambitions were different then.

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