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Strand and Lee Badger This article presents findings from a consultation project conducted by faculty from six schools of social work with approximately 150 child welfare supervisors over a two-year period. This is the subsequent study to the Christenson and McMurtry (2007) publication titled A Comparative Evaluation of Preservice Training of Kinship and Non-Kinship Foster/Adoptive Families. Discussion and recommendations are included. Some indices of QoL (physical and psychological well-being, relationship with teachers) did not show differences with the general population, indicating that mental health needs or lack of well-being are expressed in unusual ways. Case profiles are provided. This article describes an infant foster care model, applies resilience theory to the model, and provides recommendations for program development for foster families that specialize in the infant population. Special Foreword: The Importance of Cross-National Collaboration, katharine Briar-Lawson, Christine James-Brown and Donna Petras. Purchase this article for.95 Taking Action on Racial Disproportionality in the Child Welfare System Patricia Clark, Jackie Buchanan, and Lyman Legters Mirroring national trends, children of color in Washington states King County are overrepresented at every point. Qualitative and quantitative findings support the efficacy of this approach.

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Key issues related to applying criteria in incidents involving domestic violence are discussed along with recommendations to further refine and document them. Children with cognitive, emotional/behavioral, and physical disabilities were over four times more likely to be permanently living in non-kin foster care than to be reunified. Purchase this article for.95 The Voices of Grandchildren of Grandparent Caregivers: A Strengths-Resilience Perspective Roberta. Results highlight that divergent discipline practices were perceived by participants as an important source of tension when they were accompanied with a demeaning image, projected by the host society onto the immigrant family. Christopher Sheldrick, Justeen Hyde and Laurel. Cleveland We Need That Person That Doesnt Give up on Us: The Role of Social Support in the Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education for Youth with Foster Care Experience who are Transition-Aged Colleen. Swanke, Kerry Littlewood, and Anne Strozier When Rights Collide: A Critique of the Adoption and Safe Families Act from a Justice Perspective Adrienne Whitt-Woosley and Ginny Sprang Vol. Coulton This article reviews how life table analysis can improve on cross-sectional analysis of disproportionality by comparing African American and Caucasian childrens risk of being investigated for child maltreatment or being placed in foster care before their 10th birthday.

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Purchase this article for.95 The Role of Faith in Adoption: Achieving Positive Adoption Outcomes for African American Children Kathleen Belanger, Sam Copeland, and Monit African American children are overrepresented in foster care by more than twice their proportion in the population (U.S. Propensity score matching with data from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being compared intact families (n 5 183) who received housing services 12 months after initial investigation to nontreated families balanced on characteristics at the time of investigation. Purchase this article for.95 Planning and Evaluating Child Welfare Training Projects: Working Toward a Comprehensive Conceptual Model Mary Elizabeth Collins, Maryann Amodeo, and Cassandra Clay Training is widely believed to be an important element in promoting good child welfare practice. Porter, and Eric. These agencies were provided technical assistance to remove barriers impeding the education of children in foster care and improve their educational outcomes. Greater preadoption contact with formal adoption agency staff predicted adoption stability and lower levels of family conflict at the 3-year assessment. Lucero, Marian Bussey, and Tabitha Carver-Roberts, transitioning Children in Foster Care to Adoptive Homes. Mainly, the influence of pre-care experiences, such as a history of maltreatment (Oswald, Heil, Goldbeck, 2010 and in-care experiences, such as the number of out-of-home placements (Newton, Litrownik, Landsverk, 2000 is investigated and confirmed. Respondents were less commonly satisfied with the care and support provided by caseworkers, their participation in higher order decisionmaking, their sense of normality, and the amount of contact with their families.

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The article clarifies how safe may address challenges facing foster care and adoption practice. Purchase this article for.95 Addressing Disproportionality Through Undoing Racism, Leadership Development, and Community Engagement Joyce James, Deborah Green, Carolyne Rodriguez, and Rowena Fong In 2005 the Texas 79th legislature passed Senate Bill 6, which included mandates to address disproportionality. This study used a sample of 255 kinship caregivers to conduct a principal component analysis and developed a four-component structure for the FSS. Implications for achieving outcomes affecting safety, permanence, and well-being of children, are discussed. Unique to this collaborative effort was involving all child welfare supervisors in identifying needed content components, developing competencies, and conducting self-assessments. Palinkas and Laura Pinsoneault Exploring the Integration of Systems and Social Sciences to Study Evidence Use among Child Welfare Policy-makers Thomas. Implications for intervention are discussed. Program manuals were rated for whether they included content on 18 types of psychological maltreatment (PM).

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Marcenko, Kimberly Hoagwood, and William Vesneski Calls for expanded use of tested child mental health interventions in child welfare practice add new urgency to the longstanding question of how to enhance parent engagement in child welfare services, where low and. Jensen, and the Child Welfare Mental Health Best Practices Group This paper, the second in a series of two guideline papers emerging from the 2007 Best Practices for Mental Health in ChildWelfare Consensus Conference, provides an overview. Adolescent Fathers Involved with Child Protection: Social Workers Speak Derrick. To assist in policy development, this study analyzes more than 14,000 clinical assessments from child welfare in Illinois. Sie sollen dort stehen, wo der Leser sie sucht; auf jeden Fall ganz vorn, direkt hinter dem Haupttitel, oder ganz hinten, keinesfalls hinter dem Vorwort oder am Schluss des Buches vor einer Reihe von Anzeigen. Armstrong Children in the child welfare system frequently experience trauma within the caregiving relationship. Findings revealed that problematic sexualized behaviors were more prevalent in the residential treatment center (RTC) sample than they were in a normative sample.

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Recommendations are given for program development and future research. Implications for practice and future research are discussed. Child Welfare Employee Recruitment and Retention: An Organizational Culture Perspective DeBrenna LaFa Agbenyiga Drawing data from an organizational culture study, this cross-sectional study investigates the effect of organizational culture on child welfare employee recruitment and retention (N 92). Hensel Prevalence of Chronic Illness among Youth with DSM-IV-TR Axis I Diagnoses at a Large Mental Health Agency in Northeast Ohio Julie. Although not clearly defined, the doctrine has been pivotal in sever). Challenges and successes associated with the implementation and evaluation of these meetings are also described in the context of key historical and cultural factors, such as intergenerational grief and trauma, as well as past misuse of data in native communities. Briggs, Junior Lloyd Allen, June Gary Hopps, and Daniel McCrary, vol. Werden zustzliche Ebenen gewnscht kann man ein detaillierteres Verzeichnis am Anfang jedes Kapitels einfgen. Protective services information is critical for obtaining complete trauma histories and determining whether to survey ptsd symptoms in maltreated children.

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Langworthy Tensions and Opportunities: Building Meaningful Partnerships Between Child Welfare Decision-makers and Evaluators Emily Fisher, Jacquelyn Spangler and Ruth Huebner Benefits of Embedding Research into Practice: An Agency-University Collaboration Michael. It is unclear why this. Dawson This article describes the evaluation of two family group decision-making programs administered under the California Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project. This conceptual paper describes the principles of community-based approaches for the prevention of child maltreatment and briefly describes four initiatives that are providing comprehensive, community-based prevention. Inhaltsverzeichnisse sind inzwischen in tausenden von Bibliothekskatalogen und speziellen Suchsystemen zu finden.

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Proctor and Norman. One area of interest is the impact social support has on kinship caregivers (Kelley, Whitley, Campos, 2011). Wildberger Collaborative Relationships and Improved Service Coordination among Child Welfare and Early Childhood Systems Samantha. In her presentation, iThe USA and Non-Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, i Lee provides a general overview of the CRC and an update on its optional protocols and emphasizes the significance.S. These tribes have varying capacities to manage and administer child welfare programs. The sample includes child maltreatment investigations as children came into contact with child protection services over a three-month sampling period. Defining a Target Population at High Risk of Long-Term Foster Care: Barriers to Permanency for Families of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances Becci. Over the past 50 years, industries as diverse as aviation, nuclear power, and healthcare have applied principles from safety science to improve practice. Recruiting and Retaining Child Welfare Workers: Is Preparing Social Work Students Enough for Sustained Commitment to the Field?

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The research was carried out with a sample of 741 children. 1 Special Issue: Mental Health Practice Guidelines for Child Welfare: Context for Reform Mental Health Services for Children Placed in Foster Care: An Overview of Current Challenges Peter. It discusses the functions that parent representatives perform and the potential benefits of their work based on perceptions of multiple stakeholders: birthparents, parent representatives, and child protective services staff. Golden, Alicia Mendez, and Breana Stevens A Multi-Level Analysis of the Effects of Independent Living Programs Chun Liu Implementing Trauma Screening and Trauma Assessment in Child Welfare: The Journey of Seven Colorado Counties Christine Rizzo, Stephanie Seng, Marc Winokur, Catherine. The research found that kinship caregivers identified many needs that must be addressed if kinship caregiving is to be a viable and sustainable option for children in need of care. One-year outcome results indicated that in a situation that is less costly, improvement in outcomes occurred in less restrictive settings. This article summarizes the literature on parents Web use and describes several steps that, if taken, will help to lessen the chance of parents exposure to risky online material.

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2 From the Editor: Promoting Well-Being: The Importance of Compassionate Siblings, Caring Foster Parents, Supportive Peers, and Loving Grandparents in the Lives of Children and Youth Victim Narratives of Sibling Emotional Abuse Courtney McDonald and Katherine Martinez The State of Evaluations. Suggestions for innovative interventions to enhance retention at this critical juncture are included. He, Limei Zhu, Christine Scalise and Tyrone Richardson Examining the Relationships between Family Drug Court Program Compliance and Child Welfare Outcomes Holly Child and Dara McIntyre Changes in Adult, Child, and Family Functioning among Participants in a Family Treatment. Parents starting out with particularly serious needs showed statistically significant improvement on every scale. Jensen, Lisa Hunter Romanelli, Lovie. In wissenschaftlichen Bchern wird das Inhaltsverzeichnis hufig untergliedert, um die aufgefhrten Themen berschaubar darzustellen. However, child welfare research to date has not examined whether or how older workers might differ from younger workers in terms of retention-related issues. Long-term positive outcomes (i.e., stability in the family, reunification with birth family, or adoption) occurred for 83 of the children and young adults.

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These concerns can lead to potential issues regarding sustained development that can arise as the children grow. The study explores male-female differences, within heterosexual couples, pertaining to functioning and serious issues of concern. The province utilized a UK-based, evidence-informed practice idea and moved it into full-scale provincial implementation, which has contributed to the growth of a strong commitment to evidence-informed practice (EIP particularly as it relates to the improvement of educational outcomes for. This article presents a collaborative and trauma-informed family preservation practice model for Indian Child Welfare services with urban-based American Indian families. In 2006 the State of Missouri Childrens Division implemented a supervisory strategic plan to concentrate on supervisory training and effectiveness, with the expectation that emphasis on supervision would improve the retention of frontline workers.

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