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24 25 In 2016, the company sold its Angola interests to Quill Trading Corporation and wmlc Resources for US5 million. Retrieved b Marshall, Steve. Vietnam and the, democratic Republic of Congo. "Pharos targets emissions reduction plans in Egypt, defers Vietnam work Upstream Online". Retrieved "Israel grants two groups offshore exploration licenses". 6 26 Asia edit Mongolia edit In 2005, the company sold its Mongolian assets to PetroChina Subsidiary, Daqing Oilfield Limited Company. Retrieved "soco Drilling Baobab Marine-1 Well in Search of 330 Million Barrels". 20 In 2020, Pharos announced plans to evaluate the North Beni Suef concession and to target CO2 emission reduction at the El Fayum concession.

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37 38 However, soco did not immediately relinquish its operating permits or commit to an unconditional withdrawal"Theyre leaving the door open said Zach Abraham, director of the World Wildlife Fund's global campaigns. 35 soco's Deputy Chief Executive Officer Roger Cagle said at the time that "The forcible entry is blatantly false." Cagle said soco was with a provincial member of parliament and had permission to enter the park. 5, pharos Energy no longer holds interests in Africa, and their strategy now focuses on interests in the Middle East and Asia. 18 In 2020, Pharos announced that evaluation of the offshore Phu Khanh basin blocks 125 126 would continue, though planned 3D seismic work would be deferred, possibly until 2021. In 2010 soco received a Presidential decree from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to explore for hydrocarbons in Block V, in the southern Albertine Graben, onshore eastern DRC. "Soco International Investors Approve Pharos Energy Name Change". Retrieved b Deduleasa, Anamaria. The company previously held interests in the Republic of Congo and Angola. "Soco in Angola exit". Te Giac Trang field ) 16 and commenced oil production there in August 2015.

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"Pharos Energy Picks Chair After Changing Name From Soco; COO Departs". "Soco buys Merlon in 215m deal". The company changed its name to Pharos Energy Plc in October 2019 after coming under fire for illegal activity in Virunga. 35 In March 2011 the then DRC Environment Minister Jose Endundo rejected an environmental assessment submitted by soco and announced that the government would now be conducting its own environmental assessment into oil exploration in Virunga, as well as the entire border region. Unesco World Heritage Centre. Block V encompassed an area of the Virunga National Park, a World Heritage Site, including a part of Lake Edward. Retrieved 16 November 1 maint: extra text: authors list ( link ) Change in Registered Company Name Company Website ews, Alliance. "British oil company soco agrees to cease operations in Congo's". "Pharos targets emissions reduction plans in Egypt, defers Vietnam work". Retrieved "DR Congo blocks Soco from oil search in Virunga park".

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40 By July 2018, the group no longer held any African investments. "Soco halts oil exploration in Africa's Virunga national park". Retrieved "Soco Sells Mongolian Assets to PetroChina Subsidiary". The New York Times. Archived from the original on Retrieved b "Congo Wildlife Authority Presses Charges Against Soco". Retrieved 10 September 2020. Focus solely on Vietnam". Retrieved "Ministry of the Environment" (PDF). Retrieved 17 November 2019.

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"unesco commends the decision by soco to halt oil exploration activities in Virunga National Park as a step in the right direction". 17 In 2005, the Te Giac Trang (TGT) Field was discovered in Block 16-1. 8, during 2010, the company aimed to derisk 600 million barrels of potential net recoverable reserves with a drilling programme focused. 32 33 Drilling was strongly opposed and condemned by the World Wide Fund for Nature. In May 1999, the Group signed the petroleum contract for Block 16-1 in Vietnam and the Block 9-2 petroleum contract was signed a year later in 2000. Retrieved b c "Soco International exits Africa.

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The company currently has interests in Egypt, Israel and Vietnam. Retrieved "Block V and the Virunga National Park". 3, it is listed on the, london Stock Exchange. "UK oil firm 'paid Congolese officer who offered bribe to Virunga park ranger. 39 They at the time supposedly told the government they were planning to stay in the hope that the park borders would be changed. 22 Yemen edit In 2008 the company agreed to sell its operations in Yemen to Sinochem for US465 million. Vidal, John; editor, environment. Gas, Egypt Oil (4 September 2008).

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Pharos agreed to sell Yemen ops to China's Sinochem for US465 million Forbes, "soco Moving Ahead in West Africa". Retrieved "Republic of Congo approves Soco's Marine XI block award". Retrieved 16 November 2019. "Salamander buys Thai unit from Soco". The well targeted gross prospective recoverable resources of 330 million barrels of oil. Upstream Online Latest oil and gas news. 42 In 2010 the company agreed to sell its Thailand assets to UK listed Salamander Energy for US105m.

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Archived from the original (PDF) on 4 September 2012. 10 11 12, following international pressure they agreed to suspend further exploration. Retrieved Cite uses generic title ( help ) Reuters (25 September 2012). Retrieved "Annual Income Statement Data". 7, since April 1997, Ed Story is CEO of Pharos Energy PLC.

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"Oil Dispute Takes a Page From Congo's Bloody Past". Retrieved "soco Sells Tunisian Assets". Retrieved OCO International launching major oil exploration programme Stockopedia "Congo's former president awarded oil block in unesco heritage site". 26 Democratic Republic of the Congo edit soco's operations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the Onshore North Congo Basin commenced in 2013 with a short bathymetry study of Lake Edward and ceased in August 2014, in accordance with its June 2014 public commitment. Archived from the original on Retrieved 10 March 1 maint: archived copy as title ( link ) a b "soco scores success offshore Vietnam".

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Retrieved "soco International plc.8 Potential Decrease Indicated by Barclays Capital". Retrieved b "soco commences drilling from Congo well News for the Oil and Gas Sector". Retrieved b News, Alliance. 14, on, Pharos Energy plc announced the appointment of John Martin, to succeed Rui de Sousa as Non-Executive Chair following his retirement. Soco's share price subsequently fell. 12 In a statement, Ed Story, soco's chief executive in 2017, said: Hopefully we can all get back to activities focused on both people and the environment where it does the most good for a place that we think can have a better future. 34 In January 2011 soco employees allegedly forced their way into the Park, resulting in the conservation head of the park and several international agencies declaring their intention to bring lawsuits against soco. Retrieved "Oil company Soco not to drill in Virunga World Heritage Site". Retrieved Gettleman, Jeffrey (15 November 2014). 21 Previous operations edit mena edit Tunisia edit In 1998, production in Tunisia commenced from the Didon field until the company let go of its Didon/Zarat interests in Tunisia in 2004.

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