Prfungen bestehen

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Prfung bestehen - English translation Linguee
zwei schriftlichen und zwei mndlichen Prfungen. HiNative, what is the difference. On passing the exam eine Prfung mit Glanz bestehen exp. Die Prfung bestehen pass the test, ich wusste, dass ich bestimmt die Prfung bestehen wrde, wenn ich schummeln und seine Antworten benutzen wrde.

Intermediate, can ask all types of general questions and can understand longer answers. What does my task involve?   his only chance. Bob is keen to pass the examination. #verifyErrors message /verifyErrors verifyErrors #message message /message message. To hold your own, to stand your ground, to survive im Kampf / in einer Gefahr bestehen to hold your own in a fight / stand your ground in the face of danger Translation of bestehen password GermanEnglish Dictionary. Beginner-Intermediate, can ask simple questions and can understand simple answers. The reconsideration of one's decision die Prfung war gemein schwer exp.

Beginner, has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. To get a distinction/very good (in an exam) ; to pass an exam with distinction/very good die Prfung seiner Entscheidung exp.   after being checked or tested the car. Pass verb to (judge to) be successful in (an examination etc) I passed my driving test.   the problem consists in showing. Pass noun a successful result in an examination, especially when below a distinction, honours etc There were ten passes and no fails.

/message /verifyErrors, tell us about this example sentence: The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. Ich bin sicher, dass meine Tochter die Prfung bestehen wird. Brauch auch to be extant, zweifel, Hoffnung, Aussicht, Gefahr, Probleme etc to exist bestehen bleiben    Frage, Hoffnung etc  to remain die Universitt/Firma besteht seit hundert Jahren    the university/firm has been in existence or has existed for a hundred years. Learn about premium features, new Questions by Type. Only the minority will pass the test and enter through the narrow gate that leads to life (Matt.

Add bestehen to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Es besteht ein hohes Risiko, dass seit Bestehen der Firma to pass Er hat (die Prfung) nicht bestanden. He didnt pass (the exam). Pass the exam, ich bin davon berzeugt, dass meine Tochter die Prfung bestehen wird. Sign up for premium, and you can play other user's audio/video answers.

I am sure that Bob will pass the examination. /message /verifyErrors #verifyErrors message /verifyErrors verifyErrors #message message /message message, something went wrong. B (Bestand haben) to continue to exist, zweifel, Problem etc to continue to exist, to persist c (sich zusammensetzen) to consist (aus of) in etw bestehen dat to consist in sth. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested. Ask questions in your free time. Bestehen ( bestanden ) ptp irreg 1 vt a   Examen, Probe to pass eine Prfung mit Auszeichnung sehr gut" bestehen    to get a distinction very good" (in an exam to pass an exam with distinction very good"  bestanden b (durchstehen. Question, closed question, question about, german, answers.

Die Schwierigkeit/das Problem besteht darin, dass. . Lie verb (with in) (of feelings, impressions etc) to be caused by or contained in His charm lies in his honesty. Bob will unbedingt die Prfung bestehen. Follow us, choose a dictionary, contents, my word lists. The exam was horribly or awfully difficult die Prfung war hllisch schwer exp. There was a problem sending your report. Es bleiben weiterhin Zweifel bestehen. Read more comments, newest Questions, topic Questions, recommended Questions.

Browse Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes pyright1 pyright2 Image credits Try a quiz now More German-English translations of bestehen to finally agree to what someone wants, after refusing for a period of time About this has been added to list #displayLoginPopup. I'm convinced that my daughter will pass the exam. The sentence contains offensive content. Then, one of my classmates passed his answers. Other examples in context, see how die Prfung bestehen is translated from German to English with more examples in context.   there is a prospect/a suspicion a) hope that. I'm sure that my daughter will pass the exam. Bestehen noun existence noun the state of existing He does not believe in the existence of God How long has this rule been in existence?

More, go to your word lists #verifyErrors message /verifyErrors verifyErrors #message message /message message, something went wrong. Nur die Minderheit wird die Prfung bestehen und durch die schmale Pforte eingehen, welche zum Leben fhrt (Mt. Eine Prfung bestehen You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) Advertising. Zum Inhalt sth consists in sth Worin besteht meine Aufgabe?   the difficulty/problem consists or lies in the fact that., the difficulty/problem is that. The examination consists of two written and two oral tests. /message /verifyErrors, the word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. Gefahr to overcome, kampf to win 2 vi a (existieren) to exist, to be in existence. D (standhalten, sich bewhren) to hold one's own (in dat in) vor etw bestehen dat to stand up to or against sth e (durchkommen) to pass (in einer Prfung) mit "sehr gut" bestehen    to get a "very.

I knew I would definitely pass the test if I cheated and copied his answers. Advanced, can understand long, complex answers. Bei nochmaliger Prfung der Rechnung    on rechecking the account er fhrt Prfungen bei Firmen durch     (von Geschftsbchern)   he audits firms' books nach/bei Prfung Ihrer Beschwerde/dieser Sache. . Ich bin mir sicher, dass Bob die Prfung bestehen wird. /message /verifyErrors bestehen verb intransitive infinitive /bten/ to be, to exist Besteht denn noch Hoffnung, dass er wieder gesund wird? Das Problem besteht darin, zu zeigen. . Your feedback will be reviewed. Is there any hope that he will recover? Prfung f, -en a    (Sch, Univ) exam, examination eine Prfung machen or ablegen    to take or do or sit  (Brit)  an exam b (berprfung) check, checking no indef art (Untersuchung) examination, checking no indef art,  (durch Ausprobieren). To pass an exam with flying colours or colors diese Prfung kannst du eher bestehen exp.

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